Diana Joy Goldstein

Welcome to this website, and to a new kind of life for yourself. At times we all feel stuck in our current routines, or we have difficulty creating the life of our dreams. Perhaps you are looking to build a family, or improve relations with your spouse or children. You may be struggling with issues from your own childhood, and these impact your current functioning. Often we create our own barriers to success without even knowing it. You and I can work together to identify and overcome such obstacles.
By looking through this website, you are already taking steps to improve your overall health and well-being. Seeking out and receiving support is important during times of stress or transitions. Deciding to make major life changes, or dealing with a specific problem, are best done with the help of someone you can trust and relate to. Entering into a therapy relationship is exciting both for the client and the practitioner, and moving forward with one’s goals is the most rewarding experience of all.